About Me

My name is Hannah Williams and I would like to start off by saying this will not be your typical "About Me" page. I am not going to ramble on about who I am as a student at High Point University. I am not going to dote on my talents and ability to maintain a high GPA. And I am not going to elaborate on my skills as a Graphic Designer.

What you need to know about me is my passion. At a young age I fell in love with art. Sure it may just have been coloring books, pony beads, and tearing up magazines, but these natural inclinations to express myself through these mediums have stuck with me for nineteen years. I use to think art was just a hobby and I shouldn’t pursue a career in art due to disbelief that there is no money to be made in this field.  This idea of a “starving artist” is what the world may perceive the artistically geared individuals. But the more I pushed away, attempting to lean more towards writing, I realized that my writing needed images! I realized that words can be persuasive and can guide the reader to imagine or paint a mental picture. I realized that not only do I want to portray that image in words but I want to create that image visually.

Everyday thousands of ideas pop in my mind and I immediately grab for my iPhone hoping to capture these sudden visions with just five words or less.  Ideas range from layout templates to inspiring concepts. The worst is when one idea links to a train ideas and I am sitting in Art History or Psychology taking notes and instead of writing facts about Leonard’s David or Piaget theories, I find myself scribbling down notes about design concepts and how they are perceived.

As I get lost in my own thoughts, I plan out my future. I create lists upon lists of goals of what needs to be done that day, that week, or that month in order to achieve these goals.  The infamous question comes to mind, where do I find myself in ten years?  And as cliché as it may sound, I find myself in New York. I still treasure the classic “American Dream”.  With a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and digital imaging complimented with a journalism minor, I see myself combining my skills in the magazine industry. I see myself creating a relationship between words and design elements.  And I see myself executing a layout that best conveys a message.  But why stop there? 

From this life, I want more than a creative job that offers me the freedom to experiment and design.  Ultimately, I want to inspire others. I have found my passion and I plan to fully submerge myself into the life of an artist across mediums. I never want to stop learning, I never want to stop growing, and I never want to stop this feeling of wanting to burst like splatter paint across not just paper but onto people. I want to ruin their clothes and leave a mark on their skin to remind them that they are not living life until they experience their passion.

This is my digital portfolio.
My name is Hannah-Lynn Williams, and thank you for visiting.